ShangHai BlueCloud Technology Co.,Ltd Online Services Security Incident and Abuse Reporting

This form is to report suspected security issues or abuse of BlueCloud Online Services, such as Windows Azure, and Office 365. This includes malicious network activity originating from a BlueCloud IP address. It also includes distribution of malicious content or other illicit or illegal material through a BlueCloud Online Service.


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In order for us to respond appropriately, please complete the form below as completely and accurately as possible.


Please understand that the incident about which you are complaining may be originating from Windows Azure, a cloud computing platform in which customers can deploy and control their own software applications. Customers, not BlueCloud, control the activity from these network addresses.
For more information on Windows Azure, please see


See below for details about what information we need.

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  • We will use the information that you provide in this form to investigate, and attempt to resolve, the incident you have reported. In support of those efforts, we may contact you via phone or email using the contact information that you have provided.
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