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Our Advantages

Compliance Qualifications and Consulting

21Vianet has participated in the compiling of The Security Requirements for the Government Cloud Computing Service Providers, assisted the China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT to develop evaluation standards for trustworthy cloud and cloud for government procurement, and provided cloud security support to China Information Security Standardization Technical Committee. Based on the above experiences, 21Vianet can fully eliminate the security compliance related risks for users (especially governments and enterprises), guarantee the labor division of all institutions, and implement complete and effective security protection and compliance measures. We offer many security and compliance solutions ranging from qualification, legal consulting to professional services, helping customers reduce cost and improve IT agility.

  • Qualification guarantee:We have such qualifications as ISP, IDC and VPN, and the membership of China Information Security Standardization Technical Committee (TC260) WG5 and WG7 task forces. We can ensure customers’ compliance with the relevant industries’ operation and management regulations for accelerated business growth.

  • Information security: With years of experiences in Internet datacenters, 21Vianet provides information security solutions in line with Chinese laws and regulations for customers to avoid information security related risks.

  • Professional team:With years of experiences in Internet infrastructure and Microsoft’s licensed leading
    technologies, 21Vianet has built a security compliance team composed of experts in such areas as
    operation management and risk control.

Operation and Maintenance

We provide operation and maintenance services for datacenter, network and software. The hardware operation and maintenance services include equipment and environment maintenance, system performance maintenance, system troubleshooting, data configuration and equipment inspection.

Software operation and maintenance services include OS and application deployment, OS platform monitoring, OS upgrading, patching, code-level inspection, version management, business process monitoring, middleware maintenance and data backup.

Excellent Service Response

21Vianet cloud platform provides 99.9% network reliability, guaranteeing cloud platform availability as high as the global standard in China. We also provide 7x24 rapid response services in customer support, datacenter operation and maintenance, and network management.

  • 3 Tiers Customer Response

    Through preliminary communications, 21Vianet cloud platform customer service classifies customer requests into Commercial Support (Tier 1-3) and Technical Support (Tier1-3) through customer response process service (Tier0). Respective technical teams will respond at different tiers. Meanwhile, we also set up special expert teams to give classified responses to address special and temporary pivotal requests.

  • Datacenter Operation and Maintenance

    1) OS and software installation, fine-tuning and other routine maintenance services

    2) 7x24 on-site technical support and authorized operation service.

    3) Server operation inspection and urgent notification.

    4) Datacenter real-time monitoring.

  • All-round Network Service Management

    21Vianet cloud platform provides network management services including network environment monitoring, network performance monitoring, network real-time monitoring and behavior analysis, and regional DDOS defense.

Business Operation Support System (BOSS)

In order to ensure the successful landing of Windows Azure, the multi-tenant public cloud service in China, 21Vianet has developed a BOSS system on the basis of Microsoft BOSS standards to meet Chinese customers’ demands and habits, ensuring the rapid network response and stable operation of web services.

Considering unique demands of Chinese customers, we have not only designed flexible customer management module to monitor SMB customers’ information and system usage, but also developed all-round enterprise customer management system to ensure best services. We support such local payment methods as Alipay and Unionpay Online which are familiar for the Chinese customers. We install secure and reliable system file server, to process all kinds of orders and payment information, and effectively protect the exchange of sensitive information.

The commerce and operation support system adopts high availability data backup approach, ensuring system uptime and business continuity in harsh environments.


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